Assessing candidates and staff can have two main goals. The first is assessing candidates who are to be employed by a company. The other is assessing staff in order to manage their careers or when deciding on promotion.

We use a tailor-made approach and different techniques in our assessment system. A completely customised package is created for each assesment, in order to align the methodology with the assessment goal, the demands of the job position and the company in the best possible way.

We offer a wide range of assessment techniques. They include:

  • Competency-based interviews
  • Competence and personality tests
  • Simulations
  • Group discussions
  • Individual Potential Analysis
  • 360°assessment

As the assessment product, the client receives a report on each candidate individually, with reference to the aspects assessed. Our reports are not generic, but are created for each candidate seperately, taking into consideration all aspects and the aim of the evaluation. Each report is ’determined’ – it contains a clear message whether the candidate is recommended for the position, if he or she has management potential etc.

We have enjoyed many years of successful collaboration with TIM Centar. Extraordinary professionalism and creativity, especially in the area of professional selection. Great dedication to their clients and flexibility in adjusting the process to the needs of our company.

Jelena Vlček - COO, FSD Ltd.

TIM Centar is our choice of company when assessing potential candidates. We have been collaborating almost daily since 2012. From the outset, they have shown the utmost professionality and responsibility; their reports on candidates are reliable and precise. This is why we have developed excellent cooperation and a relationship of trust over the years.

Saša Škundrić - OTP Bank