TIM Centar has a team of consultants working on applied research in human resources.The extent of our experience means we can conduct tailor-made research into different topics in this field. Most frequently we examine:

  • Organizational climate
  • Organizational values and culture
  • Job satisfaction
  • and do specialised surveys.

Organizational climate survey

TIM Centar has developed a system for evaluating the organizational climate, assessing 13 different areas shown by practical experience and many years of research to be crucial to the success of a company. All analysis is based on benchmarking with the domestic workforce average, according to a study of several thousand employees in Serbia. Such a review may offer valuable information on how the company is rated in comparison to others.

A special advantage is that research enables us to predict key indicators of HR functioning, such as attrition rate, loyalty and burn-out. This analysis is a powerful tool for HR managers, since it allows them to provide very concrete suggestions on how and where to intervene in order to avoid undesired outcomes.

An important demand in a research project into organizational climate at the ATOS company was to establish a balance between the representation of global corporate topics and the local specifics characteristic of our market. Owing to the high level of professionalism, flexibility and enthusiasm of the TIM consultants, this demand was fulfilled. The project enjoyed an unanticipated success and ATOS gained a trustworthy partner.

Jelena Lisac - HR Business Partner & Talent Manager for CEE, ATOS IT Solutions and Services

We are very pleased with our collaboration with the people from TIM Centar who recognized the needs of the Mozzart company and put our demands into effect in a professional manner. Research, though complex and challenging, was conducted at the highest level with great attention to detail and was a huge help to us in our further business endeavours. Professionalism, creativity and the flexible approach of the people from TIM Centar have our highest recommendation.

Filip Jovanović - Director of Gaming Department, Mozzart Sports Betting

Tim Centar successfully researched the organizational climate, culture and staff attitudes at our company, providing us with a clear insight into the feelings of staff and attitudes towards the working environment. Results were generated and presented in an excellent manner, providing us with high-quality guidelines on improving staff satisfaction, which we view as an important condition for successful functioning and further development. We have only words of praise for the professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm of this remarkable team.

Vladimir Dukić - COO, PLANet Systems Group