Professional selection is the process of choosing the best candidate for a specific job position in a company.  The process includes:

  • job analysis,
  • advertising,
  • pre-selection,
  • testing (competencies, personality and skills),
  • conducting interviews,
  • writing reports and
  • orally presenting our short-list of candidates.

While making the selection, we pay special attention to the particular features of the team in which this person will work. Understanding  the organizational culture and climate of the company is also very important to us in order to find the candidate who will adjust best to existing company culture.

The “Infostud” employment portal gives annual awards for the best selection process in Serbia.  TIM Centar won this award four times (in 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2016).  The award is given as part of the Infostud project ’Evaluate your path to work’,  where candidates assess the companies in which they underwent the selection process.  Around 5000 companies participate in this research every year and over 8000 candidates make their assessments.


We are always glad to recommend TIM Centar to any of our colleagues in need of an HR partner in the selection process who will quickly recognize the particular nature of the business, identify the right candidate profile and be flexible enough for changes that arrive in a fast-moving industry. When collaborating with Tim Centar, there is a feeling that we are on the same side and working towards a common goal. This may well be the main competitive advantage of this rising company.

Jelena Mimić Milanović - HR manager, Delphi