A true story

Why Team Building programmes?

  • Getting to know other team members better and increasing the sense of belonging to a team.
  • Development of skills and knowledge necessary for team to function (communication, motivation, conflicts, team development…)
  • Clarifying and defining roles within a team
  • Improving communication – within and between teams
  • Solving problems in team functioning
  • Encouraging positive team atmosphere

Educational-experiential approach - LEARN

How do we work? - Methodology

Through a combination of psychological knowledge and experiential practical exercises, participants can develop their team together with their competencies in helping the team to function better.  Some of  the topics dealt with are:  team roles, phases in team development, constructive communication skills, skills in giving feedback, motivating team members, team decision making,  social time-wasting, team efficiency etc.

Team coaching – SOLVE

The aim of the coaching approach includes working on overcoming team problems or producing new ideas, and the result are always concrete suggestions or steps toward better team functioning.  Some of the topics dealt with in this way are:  improving team functioning, solving specific problems, working on strategies to motivate staff, organisational values, improving the company image….

Fun - creative approach – HAVE FUN

This methodology includes a large number of creative and fun activities where participants get to know oneanother better, develop a sense of belonging to the team and have fun.

You chose what is most imortant – Create your own formula

We do not have ready-made solutions for what team building should look like.  The possibilities for different combinations and creativity are vast.  The most important thing is to define what we wish to achieve with the particular team-building programme and define further steps accordingly.  No matter which methodology  dominates, our preference is to approach each topic from the psychological angle, making fun useful.

Introducing our 5 types of Team building:

1. Team challenges:

If you wish to test the limts of your team and get the best out of it, challenging tasks are a real way to do it.  Solving riddles, building the impossible, excersising our brain, creating the unusual and putting trust in others are just some of the challenges that push the limits of team functioning and which we deal with easier when working as a team.  Challenge your team and discover its endless possibilities!

2. A TEAM song a day takes mischief away!

You must have heard many times truisms such as: ‘Every good team works like a well-rehearsed orchestra.’  Lets skip the comparisons and really make an ensemble out your team.  Come up with your own song, emphasising the values of your team, compose the melody, play it and sing!  Everyone is an important member of the orchestra, whether songwriter, performer or conductor.  Be a team that strikes the best notes together!

3. CreaTEAMity

As a child, did you ever long to have a particular job but never had the opportunity to try it out?  Perhaps some of the team members would like to be an architect, a director, actor, journalist, painter…  Put on your creative hat and view your job and your team’s functioning from this perspective.  Use your creative potential and discover new team talents.

4. Treasure hunting

Love of nature, resourcefulness and readiness for adventure are key characteristics of this programme.  The treasure is well hidden, and the team is given a map with several locations.  Your goal is clear:  finding the locations together, solving challenges as a team and discovering the treasure.  Are  you ready to go out and win?

5. Team beering

If you have ever wondered how beer was made, now you have the opportunity not only to find out, but to create your own beer!  It’s a special type of activity, building and strengthening the team spirit while brewing beer. The participants’ task is to come up with a beer recipe, prepare the ingredients, brew the beer and prepare labels and promotion.  After four weeks, the beer is ready and available to the participants.  Cheers!

LINDE GAS SRBIJA company, in collaboration with TIM Centre from Novi Sad, organised a Team Building session for its staff. It was dynamic from start to finish.
The smiling faces of TIM were waiting for us at the Petrovaradin foretress, setting the tone for the time we spent together until the training came to an end in the beautiful surroundings of Sremski Karlovci.
Team excersises over breakfast with a view of the Danube, a tour of the Fortress underground passages where you can still hear the echo of distant battles, a paint-ball game which clearly showed the abilities of leaders and organisers - an opportunity for team spirit to come to the fore, Escape Room – rooms that are very difficult to get out of, no matter how hard you try, tours of churches that have marked the history of the local people and different civilisations, the Match Museum with nostalgic exhibits you last saw in your childhood, followed by the wineries of Sremski Karlovci where wine and food strike a different note.
Charming atmosphere, great company, delicious food, perfect organisation!

Zoran Ćuk - HR menager, Linde Gas Srbija