Our approach

Before the training

In order for the training to be in complete accordance with the client’s needs, it must always be preceded by research of the client’s requirements and detailed preparation.  Even though it might sound like a cliché, we have never conducted the same training twice.  We do not have any ‘ready-made’ training sessions or instant solutions.  We enjoy the creative process of designing each one, making it as useful and interesting as possible for the participants.

During training

The emphasis is on practical work, based on up-to-date knowledge in psychology and long business practice. With experiential learning and actively working on real examples, participants have the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge.  Sessions are conducted in Serbian and English.  The way we work is as follows:

  • Stimulation
  • Experiential exercise (individual, in pairs, in groups)
  • Case studies
  • Presentations
  • Pair and group discussions


At the close of the session, we introduce various follow-up activities with the aim of strengthening the skills and knowledge acquired:

  • workshops
  • homework
  • consultations

It is known that every job carries a certain amount of stress, especially for people working on highly responsible positions. We wanted to help our managers and in cooperation with Tim Centar we organized a training where our colleagues had a chance to get informed, analyze their own causes of stress and start actively solving problems regarding stress and its triggers.

Positive and expert trainers from Tim Centar together with our colleagues made great atmosphere, suitable for active work and problem solving. It was all happening in the beautiful surroundings of Fruška Gora. We definitely made a good choice of subject and lecturers, and this conclusion is supported by comments of the participants: "I'm satisfied, we have got plenty of practical suggestions! It was very pleasant, I believe it is going to have positive impact on us in the future.", "This training should be organized for the rest of our colleagues too.", "Excellent training!"

Dear Tim Centar, thank you very much, we are looking forward to our future successful cooperation!

Lea Vujović - Hr Specialist, RT - RK d.o.o.