Leadership skills

Aim: Learning about different approaches to management and working on applying techniques to enhance managerial skills.

Which topics are included?

  • Developing relationships with employees
  • Constructive communication techniques
  • Giving feedback
  • Leadership styles
  • Human potential portfolio
  • Motivating staff
  • Managing conflict
  • Managing stress and change in the work environment

What are the benefits for the participants?

  • Enriching own leadership style
  • Managing individuals and teams more efficiently
  • Personal empowerment for the role of a leader

We have collaborated with TIM Centar on several different projects. First, they helped us understand the mood and opinions of our staff, thus enabling us better to organize our work and personnel. Next, we asked for help in improving our leadership. We are very satisfied with the improvement of our staff who attended the courses and we highly recommend this type of education to all those working in management positions.
What sets TIM Centar apart from other similar agencies is, first of all, its personnel. They are kind, hardworking and, above all, professional. Imagine acquiring new knowledge and skills in the company of friends and in a relaxing and lively work atmosphere – that’s TIM Centar.”

Jelena Prole - Managing Director, PLANet Systems Group