Aim:  Developing and enhancing team functioning, increasing the sense of belonging to a team and developing team spirit with different activities.

Which topics are included?

  • Communication in a team
  • Characteristics of successful teams
  • Phases in team development
  • Collaboration between teams
  • Emotional blockade in team functioning
  • Conflict management in a team
  • Building a team and team roles
  • Making team decisions
  • Increasing productivity and motivating teams
  • Problems of team work – social loafing

What are the benefits for the participants?

  • Better functioning as a team
  • Identifying and improving team roles
  • Constructively overcoming conflicts

What sets Tim Centar apart from other consulting agencies is their extraordinary ability to familiarise themselves with the company spirit and culture, adjust to the needs of the team they work for and provide services in English. Our company management has had the opportunity to attend a series of training sessions, individual coaching and team-building activities, which have had a great influence on our mutual understanding, interconnection and helped us to achieve better results.

Zorana Stamenić - HR manager