Individual coaching is a structured and individualised support programme for managers, helping them fulfill their potential and realise their organisational goals more successfully.

The methodology presents the latest theoretical models while emphasizing practical use and practice with interactive and experiential work. We begin with an assessment, Individual Potential Analysis, after which a detailed work plan is created, adjusted to the needs and goals of the participants. The central phase consists of individual meetings during which a coach from TIM Centar works with the coachee on achieving set goals. In between these face-to-face meetings there is on-going communication with the coach, tasks and exercises aimed at bolstering change and reaching goals more efficiently. The final phase of the programme is evaluation of the results achieved.  A follow-up meeting is held to monitor the progress of the programme participants.

Results we achieve together are:

  • Developing a flexible management style
  • Better change management
  • Ensuring more support from subordinates
  • Developing high-performance teams
  • Improving communication and interpersonal skills
  • Aligning personal with organizational goals
  • Overcoming emotional blocks
  • Increasing personal efficiency
  • Balancing private and business life

Coaching meetings are conducted live or on-line.


The aim of the coaching programme is for the team to work together on overcoming certain problems in the functioning of the company/team or producing new ideas and defining concrete steps to be taken in realising them. The product of team coaching are concrete suggestions and a plan for implementing the ideas suggested.


  • Improving team functioning (problem solving)
  • Staff motivation strategies
  • Organisational values
  • Improving company image – the most creative idea

Our coaches

We held team coaching sessions with TIM Centar when establishing the NeltGrupe HR SHS Centre. The lateral integration of several teams, detailed revision of previously devised work practices and the inclusion of new employees in the team required detailed preparation fora sensitive and challenging workshop. Our colleagues from Tim Centar were of invaluable help, with their profound understanding of how teams function, based on many years of experience in the industry. The preparation and the workshop itself fulfilled all the expectations of the participating teams that helped put together and coordinate policy for the new organizational part of the company.

As a result of this success, we have agreed on future workshops with people from Tim Centar and look forward to long term cooperation.

Nemanja Knežević - Group HR Shared Services Manager

All my life I have had or found people who helped me, taught me, advised me: parents, my sister, old friends from secondary school, later my bosses, mentors and partner. Not because I thought I couldn't manage on my own, but because it made sense that I could do more with someone else. However, It was not until 2016, at a point where I was experiencing work fatigue, that I decided to try business coaching and ventured into coaching with TIM Centar, specifically with Millica. It was a total hit. Milica is a coach with knowledge from a different field than mine, with experience in business surroundings and the right amount of calm. Her approach was exactly what I needed. Working with Milica enabled me to solve problems and make decisions faster and easier. A couple of key advantages I felt during coaching:
- Speeding up the process: I would probably have managed to do it on my own, but slower. Time is the costliest factor.
- I received a simple, logical, theoretical explanation for each particular situation, which enables you to get through them more quickly – and with knowledge, not just intuition.
- You get someone else's independent view (if the coach is good:) ). Your coach is not your friend or employee and has no reason to pander to you or view things from your perspective.
Sincerely recommended, would even advise to try coaching!

Branimir Gajić - Financial Director, Infostud