Organisational design primarily implies working on optimising the organisational structure (company’s organisational scheme). In this process, dysfunctional aspects of business are identified, business processes are defined, resource shortcomings are established etc. An efficient structure is created based on this information, aligned with company goals and the demands of the environment.

Another key aspect of this process is creating detailed job descriptions, including defining the position in the hierarchy, a description of work tasks, required knowledge, experience etc. Staff responsibilities and powers are, thus, clearly separated, eliminating the possibility of interleaving or avoiding work tasks.

The third key aspect of organisational design is creating working procedures and increasing a sense of process ownership among the staff.  This way, steps in business processes are strictly defined and responsibility for their enforcement is assigned to the staff.

Setting organisational design in a professional manner is the basis for practically all key processes in a company, such as employment, analytic assessment of work positions, a reward system etc.  It has been our experience that such projects always lead to a more simplified structure, higher efficiency and agility of the company.

TIM Centar carried out a very complex project of analytical job assessment for the Peštan company, having previously optimized the organizational structure. Even though our company is a complex system with around 1000 employees and over 120 job positions, the consultants from Tim Centar managed in a very short time to rise to this demanding project, paying attention to every detail. We would especially like to emphasis their excellence in determining salary coefficients, ensuring a fairness and objectivity which have enabled this system to run successfully for many years now. Apart from the high degree of confidence we have in their professionalism, I would also like to emphasise their enthusiasm, flexibility and friendly approach which makes collaboration a real pleasure.

Jelena Petković - Executive Director, Peštan